Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Site 2011 Project.

In the first week of the Spring Term we were given a project brief for site specific work within the confines of the All Saints campus.

'Define what makes a site specific work. Consider the opportunities of particular 'sites' as starting points for experimental research. Such considerations might include physical attributes, qualities, history, scale, conditions, use, accessibility, etc.

Consider what a 'site' is, this might be physical - particular spaces in both the natural and man made environment, the body, a pocket, an architectural space, a puddle, etc. Equally the 'site' might be virtual, electronic, global.

Take into consideration the notes above. The work might be generated out of the site itself, or could be a 'sited' development of a previous theme in your work, or might be entirely new. Media and methods are open but should be appropriate to the work and situation.

Pay attention to permissions, risk assessment and any ethical issues your work might raise.'

To start my project I looked up on Google Maps: 'All Saints Building, Manchester Metropolitan University'. I traced from the computer screen the campus and surrounding area of Manchester to examine for any unique detail such as pattern, shapes or resemblance. After the half year review before Christmas, some paper cut out work I did was seen as successful and so I have decided to push this as far as possible, starting with the site project. I folded some thick, white, A3 size paper into a concertina and drew the campus map onto one side. I then cut out the buildings and park areas, leaving the pavements and roads intact. I tied it with 'MMU-blue' ribbon and it is like a small booklet. I placed this booklet in the cartography (maps/mapping) section of the library (second floor, west wing, shelf location; 520) for someone to find. I did consider placing it into the Artist's Book Collection but felt the map section was more appropriate as somebody will come across it and the blue ties will give a subtle clue about where the map is of. After the tour of our site work, I didn't collect mine as I decided to leave it there to check up on in another week or so. Suggestions for this project was to perhaps put one of the cutouts in each section of the library where relevant such as; maps, Manchester, architecture etc.

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