Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sky and Sea.

For an upcoming exhibition at Cavendish Bar in Manchester, as part of Creative Transit, I took some photos for part of my work. The photos I took were of the sea and sky, and were for the background of my paper cut-outs I would be exhibiting in small frames. I think the white paper would look great against a sky blue and the colour would seem reminiscent of past holidays and sunny days, tying in with the theme of tourist maps and souvenirs.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Mr. Magpie.

A new online gallery dedicated to the art of drawing has a different theme each month, which anyone can enter, for the chance to be exhibited on the website. Little Strokes Gallery had its first annual ink exhibition in April this year which I entered, and my work was shown for the exhibit.

I love birds and I have always enjoyed drawing with black fine liner pens so I chose to draw a magpie, specifically for the exhibition, as the image would be in black ink on white paper.

As well as now being on the Little Strokes Gallery website forever more, (under past exhibits) Mr. Magpie also was spotted by The Hare Newspaper and can be seen in Issue 20.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Arnaldo Pomodoro in Dublin.

In April I went on a short trip to Dublin. Whilst there we stumbled across a sculpture within the Trinity College campus. It was by Arnaldo Pomodoro, an Italian sculptor whose work I also saw at last year's Sotheby's exhibition at Chatsworth House. The sculpture at Trinity was one of many 'Sphere Within Sphere' sculptures which are dotted around the globe. Unlike 'Cubo I' at Chatsworth', 'Sphere Within Sphere' is a kinetic sculpture, designed like this possibly because of it's spherical shape, which is easier to move than solid cuboid shapes.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A little book.

Purely out of turning an idea into a physical object to evaluate, I made a little book. Each page is a different section from the Bruges map. Of course the exterior of the book isn't as beautiful as it could have been, but like I said, it is just an idea being put into practice right now. I like the depth of the pages, it reminds me of a nest built from layer upon layer of criss-crossed twigs.

In the future I could make each the book's pages in chronological order. So the first page would be of Bruges in say, 1900 and the last page would be taken from a map of Bruges in 2000. I think this would create an interesting comparison if I didn't alter or rotate the pages within the book. Or perhaps the most recent page should be the first page as I presume it would be a more detailed map and therefore more space to see the page below, whereas if the first page was from the oldest map there would be more paper and the viewer wouldn't see the details evolve through the book. I could also make a series of books, so the first book in the series would be from a map of Manchester in 1900 (using different sections for each page) and each book would be like this for every 10 years until 2000/2010 in Manchester. I think turning an idea into its physical form makes it a lot easier to evaluate and develop work.