Saturday, 10 July 2010

Summer Project 2010

Wearable Gallery Project

'We realise you might be off around the world and therefore your summer project is designed to fit neatly into your summer schedule.

We would like you to record, in whatever way you choose, the habits, customs, everyday things you notice in your new environment (or down to the post office for the less adventurous). And compare them to your home. We would like you to produce a series of work using the information you glean. You will need to make your work transportable and become your own "Walking Art Gallery."

Hazel's Examples:
"A comparative study of pocket findings in England and Australia."
"Measurements of Gravy Lumps in Bolton and Basildon." '

This is the summer project brief for second year Interactive Arts students. My immediate thoughts were comparisons involving Glossop's countryside/nature and a city's hard edged structures.