Monday, 14 June 2010

Layered Images

These layered images are being fitted inside a box, with a small distance of a couple of centimetres between each piece of acetate. At the front of the box I made, the viewer is a small peephole from a door. This creates a fish-eye view which plays with the scale of the depth inside the box. The back of the box is open to allow light in, however as I develop this work I would like to create boxes which are entirely closed in and therefore must have lighting installed inside. The city is appropriate subject material, as cities light up in darkness and I think very small individual lights would recognise this. I would also try other materials, different papers for example, to experiment with the use of silhouettes.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Mini Mission

As a side-line for the Scale project, we were given an envelope and instructions to find something in Manchester. And then we were to bring our found item, inside our envelope, into the studio.

I found a cigarette packet on a table outside Starbucks in St. Ann's Square, with Greek(?) health warnings on the packet.

I also found two tiny origami turtles made from a drinks menu, in Font Bar.

Friday, 4 June 2010

About the Scale Project...

"Investigating everyday objects, details and structures in and around Manchester.
 Be inventive with scale.
 Play with contradictions of proportions, perspective and ratio."

I chose to look at the structures found in Manchester's city centre. I have always quite liked that not many of the buildings in Manchester properly match one another. For example in Exchange Square, there is the glass-fronted Selfridges store, the grade II listed Triangle, and the old half-timbered black and white Sinclairs Oyster Bar; and glass buildings, the big wheel and Manchester's Cathedral all sharing the skyline too. I thought an interesting exploration for this project would be the differences in scale between these old and new buildings.

As a starting point I took photos of Manchester buildings.