Friday, 27 August 2010

Review of Summer Project


1) Computerised Images.
If I had access to a Photoshop program over the summer, I could have reflected and rotated the images with more accuracy and detail.

2) Smaller scale.
I think they would have been a lot more interesting to be smaller and more intricate. However, if I had smaller images, it would be very time consuming to apply lots of detail successfully.

3) 3-d/materials.
I would have liked to experiment with creating 3-dimensional forms. Trying to create unusual prisms is challenging, especially on a small scale, yet I would like to investigate this further. This would involve experimentation with materials; tissue paper held up with wire/wooden frames, folded acetate, textiles and frames etc.

4) Lights.
If I were to create the images 3-dimensionally, depending on the material of course, small lights could be inserted, in order to see the images lit from within.

5) Hanging material/clothing.
Experimenting with the material the images hang from would professionally bring the project much nearer to an 'end point'. Solid metal links, wire, delicate paper folds, twisted textiles, are all possibilities. As well as creating embellished items of clothing.

I kept the basis of this project relatively simple, and now I feel I am at an advantage by having many ideas to continue working with, rather than feeling like I have completed any experiments on this summer project.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Mighty Book Of Boosh

All drawings and paintings are by Noel Fielding, taken from his personal sketchbooks and published within 'The Mighty Book of Boosh'. This book is awesome, I'm a fan of sketchbooks too.

The sketches and doodles all revolve around the planning of ideas for Fielding's TV show; 'The Mighty Boosh', a collaborative effort with Julian Barratt, Michael Fielding, Dave Brown and Richard Fulcher. Distracted by comedy whilst studying fine art, he imagines characters, scenes and stories with simple paint and felt tip images.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Summer Project development

I had an idea that once cropped, if the images were to be reflected and rotated, I could discover some truly unique forms to work with.

Once I had drawn these new shapes, some of them reminded me of snowflakes or flowers. I made the shapes out of acetate, and through the use of bright ink, they gained an effect similar to a kaleidoscope. As I had the project brief of 'a wearable gallery' at the back of my mind throughout doing this work, I imagined something like this to be worn as decoration, such as on a piece of jewellery perhaps or some embellishment on clothing. So I started by braiding pieces of wool and thread together to create rope to hang the shapes from in order to be worn as jewellery.

P.S. I could do with Photoshop.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Summer Project Ideas

As a starting point for the summer project, I went out and took photographs of my hometown surroundings. I mainly concentrated on looking out for interesting and unusual shapes which had been formed within nature. Textures, such as old tree bark, and flowers in bloom particularly caught my eye.

I compared these photographs to images I had of Manchester. As I wasn't going abroad for a holiday this year, I thought an interesting exploration for this project would be how only a short train journey can separate two very different environments. I wanted to investigate the difference between the irregular natural shapes seen within the Derbyshire countryside and the rigid man-made structures of the city.

I cropped some images in search of the most interesting shapes I could see within the scenes I captured.