Sunday, 19 December 2010

Half Year Review - Second Year.

In the first term the shelter project was set; landscapes and natural shelters were my initial thoughts. To start I went out and took several photographs of trees and woodland areas; I also collected conkers as a form of shelter. I began experimenting with my images; I played around with ideas of three-dimensional images. I investigated ‘pop-up’ images/paper-craft and ways to layer materials (papers) and drawing. I drew on top of my photographs with black ink and looked at various forms of shapes and silhouettes.

My interest in creating aesthetically pleasing/fascinating sketchbooks and using text as a background to drawing stems from my love of books and typography. As a very basic first step I made a small booklet to house my landscape photographs, which I grouped together in terms of tone, colour and light. After my experiments with three-dimensional paper-craft and ink, I created a slightly larger image by layering paper from dark colours to lighter, ending with white on top. This led me to create a ‘book’ from one image; I turned each layer into a separate page which I photographed. In the mid year review, I received feedback stating that this was the most successful work, as the photos look like stage sets.

The conkers I collected dried out and grew mould before I photographed them. It was this texture I looked into with the landscape images. I used tissue paper and paint to create similar textual effects.

During a tutorial it was recommended I go outside to draw and experiment. I drew some trees and branches whilst sat in the wind and rain; these drawings literally include the landscape. I photocopied the drawings in search of more contrast, and to draw on top of them also.

I began photographing and drawing branches as I felt the interest of texture would be more applicable to the detail of the branches rather than the tree or landscape as a whole. I combined previous experiments and ideas as the half year review exhibition approached to produce six images to exhibit. These images were collages and drawings; I collaged pieces of text, tissue paper and photocopies of my rain drawings on watercolour paper. I then painted branches and then I added detail and definition with black ink.

During the first couple of weeks of the project, some feedback suggested there was no direct link to the shelter theme. Yet as time passed and projects moved forward this criticism became less relevant as ‘shelter’ was only a starting point as projects developed. It was also suggested that I increase the scale of the images which I plan on doing with my work now. Despite trying to develop less controlled work with the rain drawings, I did end up producing something relatively controlled for the half year review exhibition. The idea of taking my work outside provided some new possibilities which I should consider and move forward with. Increasing the ambition of my work is perhaps the most important aspect I must apply to my practise in the upcoming months.

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