Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Food Printer

Philips Design in Eindhoven, Netherlands, has designed some conceptual machines concerning food and the future of nutrition. This is part of an investigation of how people may live in 20 years time.

The Senior Director of design-led innovation at Philips Design, Clive van Heerden has said of the program; “We are very interested in new ways of looking at what we eat and the processes that food undergoes before we consume it.”

The investigations have looked at trends of our food and nutritional habits. Factors such as the growing popularity of organic foods, genetic modification, land use, patterns in growing food, food shortages, rising prices of food and progressions in medicine.

The Food Printer; The Food Printer would print food, into whatever consistency or shape is desired, such as foamy vegetables or chicken shaped like spaghetti. Insert some cartridges, press a button, then the printer will ‘print’ the food. The foods would be made from ingredients according to the nutritional needs of the user. According to Philips, this machine would use a similar process to rapid prototyping.

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