Tuesday, 19 January 2010

On the taff.

So I went taffing (searching through unwanted items for little treasures at the tip) and found some lovely bits and pieces there. I picked up a tan leather briefcase in near enough excellent condition, a stage light, an amp, a Kenwood food mixer, an old-school calculator with moving parts, some spare computer parts and an old-fashioned sewing machine in black and gold. I was a bit lost where to start but I thought I'd see how far I can get with found objects.

I considered methods of being more gluttonous; to eat faster, messier, without cutlery, more unhealthily, larger quantities of food, to eat everything at once. This led me to think about how machinery can play a part in this.

I questioned; how could it be possible to eat large quantities of unhealthy food, all at the same time, in a messy fashion. One idea would be to condense the food in a processor or mixer and consume the food through a tube or through some other method. Perhaps a tube straight into the stomach or even the veins, making the process of chewing, eating and swallowing obsolete for those who are obese.

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