Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Party Project

This year’s parties were based on themes, rather than artists. Our theme was astronauts; others had a party for animals, biologists, a spy party, a hen and stag do, and a party with no guests.
We were given £3 and had to budget for food/drink, costumes, decorations, games and music.

For the food we brought in flying saucers, milky stars, cakes and space raiders. We hung the flying saucers from the ceiling for people to eat, this was the game sorted. And we all brought in any spare drinks we had lying around at home. We covered Capri suns in silver tape to imitate the NASA food packaging, labelled cans of cider as Space-ade, and wrapped any other bottles in our large supply of tin-foil.

Our space outfits consisted of bin-bags, tin-foil covered boxes for our space helmets and tin-foil covered boots.

We had a projection showing the original moon landing footage, and played the over dramatic classical music that often appears in sci-fi films.

As soon as we found out about this theme, we immediately saved the dark room space for our party. We covered the walls in tin-foil, getting through about 7 rolls, hung flying saucers from the ceiling, stuck glowing stars and planets on all surfaces, wrapped chairs and a table in foil, created control panels to stick around the projection screen, and scattered around a few glow sticks.

A party for animals.

A party for biologists.

A dysfunctional party.

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