Monday, 25 October 2010

Exploring Paper in 3-Dimensions.

'Vu d'optique' or more simply; three dimensional papercraft, is the method of cutting and layering several flat prints/papers to create an image of realism and depth. The first information I looked at on the subject was the book Three Dimensional Art by Hilary Cairns who discovered the craft living in Canada. After moving back to Britain she made children's educational kits and wrote this book. She gives talks and lectures on the subject, and also has an interest in d├ęcoupage. The book introduces the technique, how to start as a beginner and it contains a selection of artist's examples. Suggested subjects are birds and animals, people/figures, cartoons, flowers and landscapes or scenes.

Green Bottom Farm, Embsay. Alan Ingham

Potentilla and Butterflies. Eleanor Ludgate.

Christmas Robin. Chris Shields.

Tawny Talk. Trevor Parkin.

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