Monday, 29 August 2011

Chinese Whispers Exhibition with Creative Transit.

Map of Glossop from the 1950s

Using cut-outs and projections as illustrative tools, I compared the Derbyshire town of Glossop with two maps. The paper map is the most modern map of the town I could find, from the most modern source of information available; the Internet. This up to date map is represented through clean lines on a blank white background to create a very contemporary map. Onto this is a projection of a Glossop map from 60 years earlier. The faded colours and cream paper of the projected image are juxtaposed against the modern white map of present day Glossop.

This project started when I became interested in street maps which tourists would use and often treat with indifference or disregard. The environment we live in is transient and in a state of constant change, development and improvement. The fragility of paper and light contrast with the bricks and concrete towns are built from, yet represents the maps which become obsolete everyday.

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