Thursday, 25 November 2010

Rain Drawings.

During a tutorial, ideas were discussed about how to move my work on from being so 'controlled'. It was suggested I  go outside whilst its raining and draw trees and landscapes there. This was to explore a more natural and unexpected way of producing sketches. I went out with a sketchbook, stencil and fine liner and returned with a couple of quick sketches.

I like the mess of ink the stencil created, this was from the dry ink already on the stencil coming into contact with the rain. I also prefer the first sketch I did when it was raining a lot harder. This made it quite difficult to draw, and so the image is a lot paler and more smudged than the second tree.

As it gets colder, I plan on drawing whilst it's snowing too; the snowflakes will melt on the page and smudge the ink. However 'snow drawings' could also mean something entirely different. It could be drawing whilst it is snowing, drawing in the snow itself, drawing using snow, leaving a drawing in the snow to be smudged afterwards; there are many possibilities to experiment with.

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