Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Flowery Forks

As I moved on from looking at gluttony, I decided to stay with the idea of tools/machinery used with food. Rather than looking at how people can be gluttonous, I'm looking into methods of making people act less gluttonous. I thought about how I can alter found objects such as cutlery. Modify them in ways which render them almost useless. Initial ideas were; holes, barbed, weight, fragility and length. Also, of course, create my own. This has led me to produce several pieces of cutlery from various materials after exploring which materials would create the least utile tools.

These are 'bean-bag' pieces of cutlery. I hand-stitched cotton and filled with sea salt to create the a bean-bag effect.

I originally made the wire cutlery as frames to tie ribbon onto, for a ribbon set of cutlery. But I was pleased with the results of the bare wire frame so decided to keep them and I will make another set for use with ribbon.

Matchstick cutlery made using wire and glue to hold them intact.

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