Monday, 16 November 2009

I spent the night in the toilets.

7th November 2009; Saturday night, not just any Saturday night though, as on this particular evening there was the annual Glossop fireworks display. The bonfire night celebrations were spectacular and very impressive. Afterwards the chill in the air soon sent us on our way to the pub.

The pub in question was The Oakwood. This pub had recently been taken over by a couple of young brothers who were giving the whole place a huge make-over. They were currently in the middle of decorating the upstairs toilets. So we got started on finishing the job off.

The decor was a collage of magazine articles, photographs, and posters. Using a mixture of watered down PVA glue brushed over the walls we stuck our chosen image in place. Then we brushed more mixture over it to ensure a glossy and secure finish.

The walls ended up a wonderfully eclectic mix of old posters from previous nights at other local pubs, and images and articles from magazines. Such as; Uncut, Derbyshire Life, National Geographic, high-end fashion mags and astronomy magazines. This meant pictures of Prince, Blur, ancient tribal masks, the Milky Way, Rolex ads, and landscapes of rolling hills all shared wall space.

Doing this collage reminded me of some work by an illustrator called Matthew Walkerdine, who collaged a landscape onto a wall for an exhibition of his work called; 'Unfocussed Eyes.'

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